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WELCOME to your Newsletter for Spring 2019

Please don’t forget to enter your best picture for the Monthly Awards, the picture must be from the job or event you are working on at the time and if possible to show the Alpha Crew logo. Unfortunately, no enhanced pictures will be accepted. A winner will be announced at the end of every month. Prize is £15.00.

And don’t forget the selfie of the month on Facebook. And the winner is:

We have hidden a word in the newsletter and the first 5 People to find it and email us on the email below will receive £5.00. You must tell us exactly what the word is and where it is.

We had NO winner for the hidden word in November it was ‘Heatwave' and it was on the first page. A new word has been hidden.

Don’t forget to get in touch with any comments or suggestions for future articles. We need your pictures too of jobs and other news. Just email and we’ll get back to you soon.


  • Uniform must be worn at all times,Jeans are NOT acceptable and strikes will be issued if you are on site in ANYTHING other than your ALPHA CREW UNIFORM….
  • Always keep the Crew Coordinator updated on your availability.
  • We now have a new email address for Recruitment if you know Heatwave of anyone looking to join us please give them the new email address to send us their CV - Remember if they are successful and reach Level 2 you will receive a Bonus of £50.00


  • All crew needs to join the Team Alpha Crew on Facebook
  • If you have confirmed a job with a text but it doesn't show up on the App the job is yours
  • The App is there to help you organise yourselves not to dictate when you have a job or not
  • We are having issues with App so go with the texts
  • Cancellations are through a text message or phone call from the office


Please extend my gratitude to Cip, Bruno, Cladio and Kingsely they were great on both days, was challenging at times but didn’t have a single complaint, would be happy to have them on any future jobs. Also think Cip makes a great Crew Chief.

Charlie Lloyd @ Inca

As mentioned to George just now, I’d just like to say how great your guys have been on this job in terms of skill, attitude and flexibility. Also the response from your office team was excellent and timely too despite me usually calling/emailing outside office hours. It’s not often we have a need to call crew in as the exhibitor tends to be our Bank Holidays direct client, however this job was for a U.S design agency using mostly their own components and they misled us as to the scope and efficiency of their operation. Hence the late call for carpenters.

We will definitely keep your details and will recommend wholeheartedly to colleagues.

Thanks again,

Francesca @ Lawford Exhibits Ltd

Just wanted to say that the guys yesterday were great, Marcus and his team were fantastic with everything, nothing too much of a problem and just worked great with the rest of our team.

Chris @ Reece Productions Ltd

Just a quick one to say how great the guys were. They all got on with it and made life on site really easy so a big thanks to everyone.

Will @ Qwerk

Apologies for the delay on the feedback for this job. Just wanted to say the guys were great.

Bradley is one of the best crew chiefs I’ve seen. The venue was not event friendly but we managed to make it through.

Please pass on my thanks to them as I didn’t had a chance when the event finished.

Jon @ Kudos

Just a quick note to say thank you. All your crew I’ve had over the last few days have been all top blokes! All really helpful and worked hard

Des @ Spirit Sets

Zurab with Brian May-Carnaby Street

London Fashion Week

BBC Studios

Grosvenor House Chandelier Training

Birmingham crew in Liverpool

Event Production Awards

Crew Chief Meeting

First Aid Training


Wife: “It’s our wedding anniversary in a week, darling. How do you think we should celebrate?” - Husband: “With a minute of silence”


Judge: “Why did you steal the car?” Man: “I had to get to work.” Judge: “Why didn’t you take the bus?” Man: I don’t have a driver’s license for the bus”


The police stop an old guy in questionable condition at 1 am.

- “What are you doing out so late, sir?” asks the police officer.

- “I’m going to a seminar on ‘The harmful effects of alcohol’,” replies the man.

- “Are you pulling my leg or something?! “Says the police officer, „who would hold a seminar like that at this hour?!”

- The man sighs, "My wife".


5 Double strikes, 1 Single strike, 1 Strike out


5 Double Strikes, 3 Single strikes, 3 Demotions


Loic de Lapeyre de Bellaire to Level 4

Marius Turcanu to Level 4

Harutyun Azinyan (Harry) to Level 4

Bruno Moscatel to Level 3

Crew man for the Month of FEBRUARY goes to Conor Lancaster. Thank you for all your hard work it’s much appreciated. Well done. Please pop into the office to collect your Leatherman.

Bradley Kempshall has joined us in the office as a Recruitment Manager, please give him a warm welcome.

Attention Levels 3 & 4

We have our new tool kit ready for you all, please come and collect them as soon as possible.

Notes from the crew agreement that all crew signs with Alpha Crew Ltd.

  • I am aware that I will be on a probation period of 500 hrs and that my services may not be required should my performance on site not reach the standards of Alpha Crew.
  • I understand and agree that if I do not behave or perform in the manner as directed by Alpha Crew, my services may be revoked by the discretion of management at any time.
  • Punctuality: Crew members are expected to be at their assigned shifts 15 minutes before the start time, if a crew member is running late he's expected to call his crew chief immediately. If there's no crew chief on the job, he should inform the on-site contact or fellow crew member. He must also report his lateness to the office within 24hrs.
  • On-site Demeanour and Abusive Language: Crew members are expected to act courteously to everyone they come into contact with during their working hours and whilst they are wearing the Alpha Crew uniform. Abusive language is not allowed on-site and any breach of this policy shall be dealt with by the crew manager accordingly. Horseplay is not allowed on-site and crew members should behave professionally and look clean and presentable at all times.
  • Time Off: This relates to time off work required by you for reasons other than holidays, sickness or in exercise of any of your leave rights under legislation. You will only be permitted to take time off work with our permission. Any request for other time off work will only be granted at our discretion and will be unpaid.

If you cannot get hold of your crew manager Luchi please get in touch with any of our senior crew chiefs below:

Jock Graham Du Plessis, 07502023755,

Bradley Kempshall, 07544827234,

Riche Harrison, 07816937178,

Magic Andrzejczak, 07852886870,